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Why some Atheists post here.

Speaking strictly for myself, it’s not really about religion. I consider all religions equally invalid. Not one of them passes the sniff test. They all look equally silly to anyone who’s not a believer.

The real issues I’m interested in are skepticism and critical thinking. The idea that someone can take the writings of bronze age semi-savages whose technology hadn’t gotten as far as the button and button-hole over evidence obtained through rigorous modern scientific investigation is simply astonishing to me.

Anyone who’s passed a 7th grade General Science class should be familiar with the way the scientific method works. They should understand the definitions of “hypothesis” and “theory” and “peer review”. They should understand that a scientific theory requires compelling evidence. It’s not just some random idea.

I once had a boss who was a very intelligent guy. He was a master programmer who started a business in his garage and built it into a multi-million dollar international industry leader. He wrote a book that he believed revealed the secrets of the workings of the Universe. He couldn’t find anyone who would publish it, so he paid the bill himself. The book was universally panned by physicists. Even I could find huge holes in his “theories”. One day in the break room, he said, “Do you know how you can tell if something’s true? It just feels right!”

That guy might have been a great programmer and businessman, but he didn’t know the first thing about science.

The idea that you can tell what’s true by whether it feels right to you is what I’m here to argue against.
It bothers me when people will go to any lengths to support religious doctrine that has been proven wrong or for which there is zero evidence.
It bothers me when people say that the Bible is literally true, and then ignore the parts they don’t like.
It bothers me when people willfully misunderstand scientific theories and disregard objective evidence in favor of obvious mythology.

I don’t think for a second that I can change the mind of anyone who’s too far gone, too emotionally invested in their religion, to be capable of examining it in any rational way. But there’s always the chance that others, who are interested in religion and paid attention in science classes, will read the posts in this forum and understand what’s going on here.
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