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Originally Posted by Japle View Post
Anyone who’s passed a 7th grade General Science class should be familiar with the way the scientific method works. They should understand the definitions of “hypothesis” and “theory” and “peer review”. They should understand that a scientific theory requires compelling evidence. It’s not just some random idea.
Religion is being pushed into the private sector now. By that I mean we are finally getting it out of our schools, and court houses, and these last rounds of elections give me hope that it's being pushed out of our politics and hopefully out of our legislation. And this is how it should be. Religion should be a personal matter and not a public one. It shouldn't be mandated, legislated or presented in public systems.

But the problem is that the religious take this as an attack. Even though no one is trying to stop them from believing and worshiping as they see fit... they feel entitled to push it on everyone else. And eliminating it from the public circle means others that disagree with them can live as they choose... religious people don't like this. They want to attempt to force everyone else to live by their ideals. For example "Abortion is wrong... not just for me... but for everyone else as well."

So what you have in a lot of areas... especially rural areas are teachers that are a little bitter so they do a half-arsed job of presenting scientific material because they feel that's the devil. And in many locations you have teachers that completely ignore the laws and conduct prayer in school anyway because "GAWD's Law Trumps Man's Law AMEN!" So you have a lot of kids that still aren't getting the education they deserve. The ideal is sort of "If we can't force them to be righteous... we'll rob them of critical thinking skills so they'll wind up believing anyway."
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