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The reason most atheists post here is to put the opposing arguments out there. Talk to any of us and you'll hear a similar story of being raised in some flavor or other of Christianity by people who were very devout and yet their ability to answer some specific questions left much to be desired.

For instance, the outright lies that are constantly told and retold by the YECs about the geological timeline and evolution are finally starting to be recognized as the insanity it is by the mainstream. The creationist "interpretation of the evidence" gets pretty easily exposed as biased nonsense as soon as you get into any real conversation with them.

There are already plenty here that identify as Christians yet they don't feel compelled to deny scientific evidence only because it doesn't jive with the bible. The hardcore hangers on of YEC theory are a lost cause. They don't have the minimum required number of brain cells to rub together and make it click. Those people are not the minds we're out to change here.

Think of it as teaching others how to play chess by first showing them how not to play chess by playing with irritable children that don't understand the rules and constantly flip the board over in frustration. Those that are smart enough to understand that games are won by default as well as checkmate will soon find themselves a bunch of little Bobby Fishers when they realize exactly what a clump of delicate, petulant children they're up against.
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