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Originally Posted by snowbird View Post
Where does our conscience come from, if not from God? How would Darwinism create a sense of duty which can sometimes lead someone to deny the will to live?
So, you can prove God exists?

If not, how do you "know" "conscience" "comes from" a God you cannot prove exists?

I was raised a Christian. I was taught all 10 Commandments.

Once I recognized that the first five C's were bulldookey, intended to manipulate me for the benefit of the Shamans, (as it was in the days of "King" Moses and still is to this very day) I just stuck with the final Five C's that do have moral value and they are enough.

Originally Posted by snowbird View Post
Moral goodness and happiness ought to go together in a reasonable and just world. Good people should be happy, evil people should be unhappy. But in reality, there is no such constant correlation. Therefore God must exist to eventually uphold intelligence, justice, and purity of motives, making good people happy in heaven.
So, you can also prove heaven exists?

If not, then how can you "know" what any of us are going to actually find after our own, individual, deaths?

Heaven and Hell are just part of the scam.

Carrot. Stick.

Good Cop. Bad Cop.

Loving God. Dat' nasty debbel.

If you cannot manipulate the marks with promises of a better life after this mortal existence, then scare the hell out of them.

Whatever works to keep the collecton plate full and keep the shamans from having to make an honest living.

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