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Originally Posted by happyguy View Post
I have a better plan. Lets have a boycott and put the company out of business so the boss can't push his religious nonsense on them. Of course that will mean they are out of work and won't have health insurance but it will be worth it because we showed them, didn't we. Great plan.

The other alternative is simply don't provide health insurance. Hire more part time people and reduce most of your full-timers to part-time. You don't even have to provide full time salaried employees with health insurance. You can simply pay the fine and let them pay for their own at the government run health insurance exchange out of their own pocket. There are enough unemployed in this economy who would rather not be a drain on this country that I'm sure he could fill all the positions.

Comrade Happyguy
Yes! That's the plan we're going with. If Green wants to make a big stink about his faith over someone else's healthcare then he'll have to do it at the risk of his business. This twerp is actually claiming some authority over what a health benefit package covers and he's using his religion to do it. I wonder if he thinks his employee's salaries are not to be used to buy unchristian material since it's him paying the salaries after all.

If there are enough people that are sick of hearing this self righteous BS and can hurt his business enough by not shopping there then he'll have to either apologize and cave or let the place go under. Then it can be bought by someone that doesn't care about birth control or absorbed by it's competitors. End result is that less uptight individuals end up running the show and everybody is happier.
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