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Originally Posted by ArrowJ View Post
It is my understanding that this prevention of the fertilized egg from implanting Is the reason it is considered abortive. If the egg has been fertilized life has begun (from the perspective of most pro life supporters). Of course, there are those now saying that these pills do not prevent implantation, but delay ovulation. The reading I did left me confused. Does the medical community not know how this medication works? Bottom line, if there is a chance of preventing implantation after the egg is fertilized it would be considered abortive.
Regular old birth control pills prevent implantation of a fertilized egg. That's the round pop out pill container that everybody and her mother has been on since the 70s. The morning after pill works the same way but in one dose that has to be taken in a time window to work.

Even if it did oust an implanted egg it's still not doing anything that women's bodies don't automatically do all the time.

This is basically the memo Green sent to his employees,

So it's OK for eggs to not be naturally fertilized and it's OK to chemically prevent fertilized. It's OK for eggs to not be naturally implanted but not OK to chemically prevent implantation. And it's OK for the egg to naturally leave implantation but not OK to remove an implanted egg.

That's the kind of stuff he decides for them with the bible as his guide. I'm betting most of his workers wanted more of an employer than a pastor.
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