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Originally Posted by ArrowJ View Post

Again, he is not deciding if they can use them, he is deciding if he will pay for them as the owner of the business. They are free to buy them with their salary or to find an employer that does provide them.
Given the pay that most of his employees make, which hovers around minimum wage, that health insurance coverage could mean the difference between having them and not having them. Nobody in their right mind can dispute the argument that a tax dollar spent on birth control is far better than another mouth for the taxpayer to feed.

And as I said previously, he pays for the health plan that the employee earns as part of their compensation. To expect to have any degree of control over the care provided is like having employee conduct rules for how the money one earns from him can be spent. He pays the payroll, employees spend their money how they like. He pays the healthcare, the employees use the coverage as they like.

Maybe he wants special consideration from the law based on his religious beliefs so he can make sure none of his employees use their paychecks at the titty bar or the casino. He paid those salaries after all.
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