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Originally Posted by Animal Mother View Post
That's a function of commerce, and within his purview as the owner.
You'd support something similar to the old mining towns, where employees were paid only with company scrip redeemable only in the company stores?

I do not know enough about that to comment. My guess is that there was a lot of one group forcing another to comply under threat of violence, but I do not know.
How does one get from a supposedly Christian worldview to denying their employees health care?
I am not denying anyone healthcare. He is not denying anyone health care. How could I support healthcare provisions that are offered under threat of violence? If I owned a business I would want to provide my employees with the maximum benefits I could afford. I would also want that to be my choice.

All of the discussion of a specific benefit is academic in my case as I do not support government mandated health care to begin with, and find the current Administrations socialization of health care repulsive. The more Americans allow government to control the less we control individually. This seems self evident, and yet people either do not understand it, or worse yet do not care.
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