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Hmmm, ....... I guess Bob Costas never heard of: knives, baseball bats, shovels, or even tire chains and rope! Poor damned fool! Why do people like Bob Costas (and all of the other godless atheists we have around here) so completely fail to realize that it is neither the presence nor the absence of weapons - especially firearms - that guarantees the public safety?

The only truly effective way to guarantee the public's safety is to return America to being a God-fearing, God-believing, and God-worshipping nation. Without a popularly recognized and admired, 'Godhead' public morality is going to remain, 'in the crapper' where it presently is, right now!

Ultimately, absolutely nobody - peasants and politicians alike - is going to be safe. If the godless cretins don't murder you one way, then they'll surely murder you another. 'Guns' have nothing to do with how an ordinary man comports himself - Nothing! Popularly taught and agreed public morality does that.

(In other words - and for the more spiritually obtuse among us - the Ten Commandments remain valid, and SHOULD be returned to our public schools.)

Bob Costas, and a whole lot of other (essentially godless) people, need to understand this most basic psychological reality of human behavior. The Holy Bible AND guns really do belong together.
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