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Originally Posted by JBnTX View Post
Those obvious corruptions and abuses of power are nothing compared to the good that Christianity has done in this world.

This is a debatable point. Christianity has shored up despicable Kings, Princes, Emperors and so on from some time before the year 1,000, which was supposed by them to be the end of the world, to the present day. Only in the last three and a bit centuries did that change in just a few countries. Even then, conquest and slave trading continued with the sanction of the Church. Along the way they have been responsible for urging on interminable wars between Protestant and Catholic nations with their dead or maimed victims littering the centuries. It is fair to say that the Mujslims have done worse at a faster rate, but that is no excuse.

Could you give us a list of the good things that Christianity has done that has been worth all this cost?

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