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Mas - A quick follow up question to a response you provided last summer about loading up with these Federal 115 grain +P+ hollow points for self defense. You were very positive, as I recall, and that was one reason I purchased quite a few boxes of this ammunition ... the price was right, they had a good street record and I could occasionally shoot them in IDPA matches with both my Gen 4 Model 26 and my wife's Gen 3.

Reviewing a statement I recalled in the 2001 book Stopping Power by Evan Marshall and Edwin Sanow, I came across the following on page 212: "In fact, the Glock 17 loaded with 115 grain +P+ ammunition is perhaps the most formidable package of hand-held firepower ever devised." It is preceded with some explanation about the rifling in Glock barrels and also barrel length as related to Kinetic energy (Ke).

Is the Ke loss from a 3.5" barrel like the G26 compared to the 4.5" (both approximations) barrel of a G17 enough to cause concern in terminal performance? I certainly hope not, because I have many hundreds of rounds of the 9BPLE and they perform flawlessly through both of the G26s.

Thanks again for your learned response.
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