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I e-mailed this to them:

I was dismayed to learn that your sports broadcast is apparently being used as a pulpit for one man's opinion regarding a political manner about which he is woefully unqualified and or informed to offer any argument, especially in a broadcast format completely unrelated to the subject matter to which he opined. Imagine, if you will if he forms an opinion on another subject matter for another broadcast and decides that it too deserves the attention he can garner it in his weighty capacity during other half-time reports. This is not the place for this and he is not the representative of his viewers and or your corporation, nor its sponsors on this matter, nor any others, and yet Mr. Costas decided to unsolicitily express his personal view on a complex subject to which he espouses to have some sort of expertise. Without expanding into the arguments on the subject, I can offer to you that reacting so swiftly and over-focussed on one aspect of an issue does not account for the intricacies and opposing viewpoints that explain the political struggle that has occurred for so long as a result. Nor does it offer anything more than cold comfort for those of us who have been victimized by crime which was or could have been averted with a level playing field offered by defensive means currently legal in this country. In fact, just this morning my own mother had to ward off home invaders who attempted to kick in her front door. Mr. Costas' opinion notwithstanding, she will be able to defend herself should they or others return. I only fear that the future will disallow such means should Mr. Costas see the day that his opinion over-rides my family's personal choice to protect ourselves.

That was it. And no, I was not lying about my mom. That really did happen this morning.
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