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As usual I run against the common grain. I have dozens of folde knives rs from "old fashioned"two-blades to Benchmades.tat includes many, Gerbers, Kershaws, CRKTs, Al Mar, Spydercos.

I do not carry a pocket knife that I would worry about too much. My current EDC is a Kershaw "whirlwind" I am happy with it and it is "backed up" by a Gerber multi-tool. I just don't see that the steels are that much better in more expensive knives,the handles aren't any more comfortable. A lot of people say that they don't worry about screwing up a good knife,but then they actually do. I use them as a tool every single day and I like one I can replace with no special shopping or ordering. Just walk into one of the two places in town that sell pocket knives, and pick up another one.

Heck I have 3 or 4 of my other inexpensive favorites like the Gerber LST and E-Z outs that I will put in my pocket to spare the Kershaw if I know I'm going to do some ugly cutting. with the new pocket sharpeners (I have a Smiths and a Gerber)I can resharpen one of the Gerbers in seconds.
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