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Here are a couple sources of info:

It's a tall order to ask one folder do it all. For example, you could get a ZT30x for a beefcake of a knife, but it'd be hard-pressed to play the role of a gentlemen's knife. For your first knife, I'd suggest something more for general utility.

Within your budget, you have so many great choices - it just depends on what you like, what feels good in the hand, and maybe how you want it to ride. Here are just some, in no particular order:

Spyderco Paramilitary 2, Military, Sage, Manix, Endura, Delica, Yojimbo 2

Zero Tolerance 551, 350, 200, 30x, 560/561 (a few of these may run slightly more than $200)

Emerson - just about any of their production models, although some are over $200

Benchmade or Kershaw - a bunch of models would fill the role nicely
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