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Originally Posted by tous View Post
However, the third post on the second page is often, nay, always the finest, most erudite example of prose than the world, nay, the Universe, experiences. This task is commonly not difficult when following the clumsy, hackneyed dribbles of the second-post on the second page.

Tous, your marginally coherent exposition on the primacy superiority of the 3rd-post-2nd-page over the 2nd-post-second-page was, regrettably, negated by your absolutist ideology in using the word "always" in the quoted paragraph. Such absolutism destroys any hope of productive dialogue between participating adherents of differing viewpoints struggling to establish common ground to make sense of life. It also, unfortunately, establishes that your lapse is probably due to an esoteric physical condition known in formal medical terminology as Chronic Recto-Cranial Inversion.
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