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Originally Posted by tous View Post
Rather than engage in puerile impeachment of what, admittedly, may well be a level or two above your ability to cognize, dispute the assertion that my posit is indisputable, good sir.

And, may I humbly bring to your most acute attention, the 23rd Edition of Dinky's Compendium of Medical Condition and Effect, pp 307-310, specifically remarks that Chronic Recto-Cranial Inversion is a myth propogated by snake-oil salesmen and makers of nostrums of dubious efficacy.

This is fun.

Puerile impeachment is a copout for wimps who lack manliness in intellectual competition.

Dinky's Medical Guide has been demonstrated in comprehensive double-blind clinical trials to be full of it. Besides, CRCI has been reimbursed by Medicare as a valid DRG.

Your play, sir.
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