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Originally Posted by digilo View Post
It doesn't make one bit of sense to me to keep disabling the firearms ad nauseam in the name of "safety" (that thinking got us the Hillary hole). Put the gun down, step away from the tables. If no fingers are on triggers the guns can't go off. Simple as that. When the rifle guys are back at their tables, the range officer gives the okay to go back to the pistol tables. I've never seen someone ignore the range officer and all these people standing away from the shooting tables during a target timeout, pick up a pistol, and start firing while the rifle guys are out there.
Yep I got it now You're new to firearms. You can't be bothered by the deaths of all those back in our historys' that failed to observe "common sense" safety practices. Your lack of experience around firearms and people hasn't lead you to the fountain of intelligence and understanding of your brotherhood. You are one of the many we hear aabout that has to learn the hard way.

So be it, it is your choice. We were just trying to help because you asked a question here about the slide stop.
"As an OK State Trooper once told me, "Why shouldn't a "good" citizen be allowed to carry a gun, all the "bad" guys already do.""
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