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Originally Posted by Gunhaver View Post

But he tends to hide when people attempt to question him too much about his beliefs indicating that even he knows that his views are only thought out enough to be worth spouting and not really thought out enough to be worth defending.

I'm not hiding anything.

It just seems that our society has just given up trying to enforce any concept of good or evil, or right or wrong.

It's not about prostitution, same sex marriage or drug legalization. It's about the fact that no one ever stands up and resists these major changes in our commonly accepted standards of decency and morality.

Whatever perverted or warped concept floats down the river, the American people just bend over and accept it. No one resists anymore for fear of being labeled as some social misfit.

If it becomes a problem, just legalize it and the problem goes away. I'm sorry but the world doesn't work that way.
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