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Originally Posted by Sharkey View Post
He has apologized and I have no doubt he'll take his punishment. I agree with the 15 day matrix, maybe a mandatory class and a bump down in rank.

I don't concur with the discipline.

Henderson actively sought out these increasing levels of leadership, example, responsibility, and rank. They were never foisted upon him. It is incumbent upon himself and his supervisors to hold him to an increased level of scrutiny.

When the men and women under his command did stupid and criminal things, he rightfully advocated for imposed discipline. Now, he is the one exposed and he should be wiling to make himself an example before his command - he hasn't and an apology is less than worthless, it is the act of someone hoping to squeak out of their actions. When someone actively seeks the rewards and privileges of rank, every one selected should be actively willing to embrace the punishment for their moral failings and dumb decisions.

Henderson should fall on his sword and voluntarily demote himself to Lieutenant; take an appropriate number of days off without pay, all served within one pay period/all served consecutively; and stipulate to no promotional opportunities for two years. Publish the discipline on a department bulletin board for all employees to see.

If the rank and file saw this done, they'd have a lot more genuine respect for their bosses and their department, the community would trust their police more, and the brass would be less inclined to act as fools.

Collectively, cops are sick of managers and they have ruined the culture. Try some real leadership for once.
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