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Originally Posted by Bow Commander View Post

I'm trying to get my parents into this century and get their home set up with wireless internet. I have it at my home, and I know how to set up a simple router.

Question: they have a desktop computer and a laptop. Do I need to get a specific kind of router to run them both?

I don't have a desktop at my house so I haven't done this before. I imagine I will need a router that still runs the desktop on an ethernet cable AND transmit wirelessly?
Like others have said any plain jane entry level consumer wireless router will do. However, before dropping money on a new wireless router, see what kind of equipment comes with their broadband service. In many cases the broadband service will include a wireless router pre configured for the broadband provider's service.

Next, while you can connect a desktop to a wireless router via a ethernet wire, sometimes the placement of the wireless router will preclude or restrict using a ethernet wire. In such a case there are inexpensive wireless USB adapters one can buy to connect a desktop PC wirelessly to a wireless router.
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