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The matrix idea is bought off by management and labor, believing that it will make both their lives simpler, but here is how they are both wrong.

Labor believes that it will result in equitable discipline and it rarely, if ever, does. A cop who backs his/her car into a fixed object for the first time deserves a form of discipline differently than a serial IA suspect who cuts corners on investigations, is abusive, is untruthful, and managed to slip through every check in hiring and retention. The infrequent minor infraction tends to get too much discipline and the serial IA bird tends to get another chance that retains them. Labor should respect the correction for the occasional slip up and cry out to get rid of the R.O.D.s and the abusers. Unfortunately, the labor law system only allows two participants and they devolve into adversaries.

Command loves it because they don't have to think and it gives insulation to the civil action. Like a lazy judge who has mandatory sentencing, they just plug and play officers into the IA matrix and out come the results. If sued by officers or the public, they can sit in the deposition and bleat out: 'it was the matrix' over and over. They simply point at the book and effectively claim they are just following orders [just like CALEA].

The matrix needs to be a guideline to effective discipline, not an excuse for managing and not leading people. Otherwise, it is just another gimmick for the lazy and inept.
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