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Originally Posted by bucksnort1959 View Post
Let's put a similar scenario out there poster.
This is not anywhere what I experienced.
You had a long night the night before because your kid had an earache and kept you up most of the night.
You dragged you but out of bed and put a long day in.
Your wife calls and says it all right for you and your bud from work to go out for dinner. You have a beer, Jack and Coke or whatever and have dinner. After your bud says "I'll buy one at the bar. You're somewhere around .012 at this point depending on weight and other factors. I see you're from Wisconsin so this is nothing peeps do there on a regular basis on a Friday fish or Saturday prime rib outing.
Have you REALLY been drinking?
You get in your car and a couple of miles away you aren't paying attention you're going over the speed limit and the cherries come on.Say you're in Waukesha and not at 35th and North so being a whitey you're not out of your element.
You do have a loaded pistol with you because most sane peeps know an unloaded gun is useless when micro seconds count and you have a CCW and are pretty proficient with it. You got that right back last year and are exercising it.Not like a FIB that gets out once a year and shoots Bossy.
That last drink is still on your breath when Barney approaches your car. Are you drunk just because you had a drink?
Are you guilty of something because in Socialist Brew City minions have no need to go armed and the cop has some kinda problem that you have a loaded gun and maybe he's envious of your car or the address on your license.
Barney advises you that you were speeding and you think it's over.
Are you a past drinker, alky?
They're the worst next to ex smokers.
Ever go out for dinner, have a beer or 2 and drive home?
Ever been in deer camp and your buds get out of bed and go out in the woods with lingering alcohol in there system?

Should we have check points to catch the fish fry 2 beer drinker?
Do you support 0 tolerance as they do in Socialist countries in Europe?
Have you read the jury instructions for your state in which it spells out at what point you are in violation of your CCW?
Do you understand them?
Do you mind Barney going through your personnel belongings on a "hunch" or fishing expo?
What if they slap the cuffs on you and they search the car and find a roach your kid's friend dropped the night before when your kid had the car.
now you have a problem. but you're only .012, well under .08
I'm not upset about a moving violation.
I'm concerned that besides the ticket for speeding, my stuff was "stolen" from my possession, cuffed and stuffed just because maybe Barney thought he was gonna get an atta boy from his boss.
Talk to some kids in they're 20's and younger and see how Barney likes to hassle them, give out $450 DC tickets like candy because they know hardly anybody is going to hire an attorney at say 1K to fight a $450 ticket
Three drinks is a .012 in your experience?

Someone brought that up at a shooting I was involved in. I said he should have stopped. They said "what about Garner v. Tennessee."? I told them, " his name ain't Garner and we ain't in Tennessee!"

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