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lightwieght 308 AR... need recommendations please

Im not educated when it comes to all the different AR's. Trying to read up as much as I can and there's so many different brands and terminology, it's really overwhelming so Im hoping yall can help point me in the right direction.

My hunting land is over run with hogs and I want a very light weight AR chambered in 308 to hunt them with. I set out on foot and walk all around 800 acres of woods, so light weight is very important to me. Accuracy and good quality is also important. I dont want something cheap.

Most of my shots will be between 40 and 150 yards. I will put something like a Trijicon Accupoint 1 - 4 power scope or maybe a similar short range Leupold. I would like quad rails so I can have a small laser light up front to assist with night shooting.

So what would yall recommend? Light weight, accurate, well made 308? I want to buy a complete gun, not spend the time building one with different parts. I dont mind spending a little more for better quality. Im not wanting a base model entry level gun. Would like to keep purchase for the bare gun around or under $2500.

A couple people have mentioned Larue PredatAR model as it is very lightweight (7.75lbs). I really like that gun but they have a roughly 5 - 6 month wait. That may be the case with any nicer gun right now however and I may just have to wait. Ive done some looking at RRA, Colt, DPMS, LWRC, LMT...... some are too expensive, some too heavy, some dont have rails ect ect. Trying to keep it close to 8 lb or less.

Does anyone have any brands or suggestions I should look into? Any opinion of the Larue? Thanks in advance for any and all replies.
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