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Its the most accurate non rifled barrel shotgun i have shot. The fiber optic front sight and top rail/rear sight make it very fast to get on target and get great groups with buck and slug. I just bought this gun for fun over a year ago and it is now my truck gun. I can even nail clays 9 out of 10 times with it but it doesnt destroy them like my other shotguns just breaks a few chunks off but still hits them.
2 rounds is not the best but the trigger pull is very nice and u can get those 2 shots off as fast or faster than most semi's. Plus its so easy for the wife to operate with its small size so thats a big plus for me. The other thing i like is u can get 22, 38, 9mm and 45 inserts for it. With all that said if i could only have 1 shotgun it would not be the hs-12. But if ur a shotgun fan i believe its a must own.
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