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Originally Posted by JBnTX View Post
I suspect a large number of self-proclaimed atheists on this forum are actually victims of Christianophobia, or a fear of Christianity.

Why are you so afraid of something that you don't even believe in? Don't deny it, for many of you reek with a fear, not only of Christians, but of God himself.
Man, you're really starting to lose it aren't ya? Atheists don't fear God because it's silly to fear that which doesn't exist. It is the Christians who are commanded to fear God.

However we do fear the harm that religion can do to a society. Especially in this modern age where we simply no longer need religion to maintain order. At this point in mankind's development religion will only hinder us. It's apparent in the legislation that Christians attempt to shove down people's throats like bans on stem cell research and attempts to make abortion a crime. These are but two but it's a pattern in attempting to enforce a specific brand of morality on a populous that simply doesn't want it and would most certainly be held back by it. This is what we fear. We really don't fear the religion, or the god... it's the followers and what they might do in the name of their archaic mythology that worries us.

You may have read the Bible, but you don't understand the Bible.
Yes we do. And more often far better than the majority of believers. Studies have proven this.

You present the fewer mistakes of Christianity as the norm, and ignore the larger good that Christianity has done.
It's more like 50/50. But even if it's 60/40... I think we can do better than that.

You ask for proof and evidence, knowing that you'll never accept it.
You are again incorrect. We'd love some evidence. So far none has been forthcoming. If you could provide undeniable evidence I'd convert in a second.

You have no concept of Faith.
Yes we do. Faith is accepting something as true for which you have no proof. And in this modern age when we know so much about our origins and that of the universe... faith has become believing in something when all evidence points to the contrary. Faith has become equatable to willful ignorance.
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