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Originally Posted by steveksux View Post
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Fear of fundamentalist christians making our kids stupid in science classes contaminated with superstitious nonsense. Our should I say nonscience?

On another note, is there an award for starting the most threads based entirely on logical fallacies? Jb seems to be making a push in the home stretch in these waning days of the year. I'm guessing that's it, you don't suppose he really believes this crap, do you?

If I really had to guess what's going on in his head... it's the beginning of him losing his faith. I was the same way. I became enraged at non-believers for making all their sense and cried foul and played the victim. I lashed out because I was scared and confused because the comforting religion that had kept me warm and safe was failing apart around me. I think JB is on the edge of becoming an Atheist and he's lashing out at the ones breaking his chains. He's afraid we're dooming him to Hell for causing him to doubt his faith. He'd never admit it, and he'll fight it every step of the way... but I think we have a future free thinker on our hands... either that or a car bomber.
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