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IMO, if you are anything like me, then "you want what you want"I have "settled forsomethings that were "close" and I have almost always ended up spending more money later to get the exact thing. I have a couple of examples in my collection now. Although I admit I collect in the "working gun" realm, but I don't think there is a difference except for the number of zeros involved.

Sometimes I am backwards about it. I have one gun that I have wanted for decades, even though I have a couple that are very similar, and no doubt better guns and they were as expensive or even much more so, I still have the itch for THAT gun.

Now bearing in mind I am talking about a"shooter/carry' type gun. If I can be that picky in my price range I do not see any problem with someone collecting at your level waiting to get EXACTLY what they want. It's your (lots of) money. Get want you want and nothing else.

BTW. I agree most guns are best in their "native" caliber.
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