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Originally Posted by samurairabbi View Post
Puerile impeachment is a copout for wimps who lack manliness in intellectual competition.

Dinky's Medical Guide has been demonstrated in comprehensive double-blind clinical trials to be full of it. Besides, CRCI has been reimbursed by Medicare as a valid DRG.

Your play, sir.
I seek little more than an honest exchange of ideas with a worthy opponent and I stand accused of having wimpy balls?

I plead not guilty, sir. It is not I who resorts to the insipid argot of the cool kids from the 1960s to support such a specious rebuttal. Cop out? What next? Declaring some admired behavior 'solid' in the manner of Lincoln Hayes from The Mod Squad? Are we now to part our long, straight blonde hair in the middle and wear minimal make up as a paean to Julie Barnes? Or dare you suggest a short leather jacket and curly hair ala Peter Cochran, overflowing with the angst and duality of being a rich kid whilst rebelling against the symbolic Man that is the source and foundation of said wealth?

I do nto wish to be cruel, sir, but may I suggest that you don the red tunic of an Enterprise security crewman and await the call to join the away team.

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