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I'm loving it.

We are dry, so I have to water "next year's" garden every three or four days, but the worms have finished off ALL the grass clippings and have almost finished off the first 5 bags of raked leaves from last month. We had a couple pushes of cold air that sent the leaves falling, but since then we've had some great Indian Summer type weather here. (Wish we'd be a little wetter though.)

It is too dry to hunt hogs (for me anyway) where we usually do, so haven't been out yet for them, but I've seen some hides thrown out on the sides of the road. This means someone is cracking 'em. (I suspect with traps and or "wires.")

Guess I'll keep "stealing" big fat worms from the garden and going catfishing until we get a real cold spell coming through.
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