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Originally Posted by megawatt View Post
I do not have only one type of ammo. Maybe one day I want to shoot brass cased Yugo ammo because of the range rules that I am going to shoot at. Big pain to unload the WOLF ammo just to reload it with Yugo. Just one instance where I would not want all my mags loaded.

What about malfunction drills? Best to do it with empty mags, don't you think?

Some of my mags are empty, some are full but never a one situation applies for every magazine as you suggest above.
I think I see the mistake in your thinking process.

Buy more mags. I have enough that I don't shoot through all of them in one range session. Some loaded with Wolf JHP, Wolf FMJ, Wolf JSP, Yugo corrosive, and brass JSP. And then I have a few for hand loads.

When my AK has a malfunction, I will add it to the shooting regiment.
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