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Originally Posted by clarkstoncz View Post
A)Yes, I can agree with the velocity issue but have to say that not all companies making ammo are 100% correct with velocities.

Plus, I don't have to still be a cop to enjoy Enhanced Performance level ammo that some
still sell as LEO ONLY.

DT is faster than what I can buy from most places and with the exception of one single 9mm round (Gold Dot shedding jacket) has superb quality control and customer service in my experience.

B)Mike has also been crafting his ammo much longer than the smaller companies.
C)That others sell comparable ammo at lower costs, really doesn't affect the legion
of satisfied Double Tap Ammo fans and customers.


Man, the above post is one giant epic fail.

A) great so you're saying some other manufacturers are full of crap so if double tap is full of crap it's ok. What fabulous thinking.

B) with all due respect the fact that he's been doing it longer only matters if he's doing it better which btw has basically been proven to be wanting in many cases (wrongfully advertised velocities, wrongfully advertised components, like bullets, etc). So in essence buyers have been basically LIED TO and you think that's just peachy keen... Wonderful .

C) MEGA wrong. My guess is that 98% of sales of people like Underwood, are directly taking away sales from doubletap. And for that matter as the word spreads, double tap will continue to shed sales until they get their act together. So even knowing all the facts, the lemmings keep lining up to pay top dollar cause their loyal to the company that's been bs'ing them for years... Wow..
Unfortunately, with all the advances in medical science, there still just isnt any cure for "stupid".

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