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Originally Posted by Sharkey View Post
Yeah it's not like non believers have murdered anyone in great numbers either. Don't confuse religious folks with Christians. There is a difference. Yeah, Islam and Christianity are the same. Brilliant.

So the people who were forced to be Christians just decided , What the hell, we might as well stay Christians? Those religious folks just murdered my family, but hey I'm too lazy to decide to believe in something else so for generations to come, we'll just stay this religion. How does that make sense?
Oh, wait, gee, maybe it might be that persecutions by christians against non-christians has been around for longer than the current members of their family have? You have to realize that they weren't persecuted for like 20 years, then the persecution suddenly stopped, and they still decided to be christians. They were persecuted, their children were persecuted, and their grandchildren were the religion of their children, and their great-grandchildren were the religion of their grandchildren. It's not like they had a choice. It was either become a christian or die. And a lot of people chose to become christians. And then their great grandchildren are religious because it's all they've known their entire life. And their great-grandchildren are religious because it's the only thing they've known all their life. And if they weren't christian, then they'd be persecuted for not being christian.

You should read your history books, christians have been nasty to non-christians for over a thousand years.

Are you going to suddenly one day stop being a christian if you find out the only reason your family is christian is because your ancestors would've been killed if they hadn't converted? Because I'm pretty sure you'd still be christian, and would make up some excuse as to why you'd remain a christian, if you found out the only reason why you're ancestors are christian is because they would've been tortured to death if they hadn't converted. Even though them being tortured to death would've happened say 700 years ago. And that's why people are still christian, even if their ancestors weren't originally christian before they were forced to convert. Because it's all they've known their whole life, and they want to continue living that way, instead of stopping and thinking about it, and considering a different way of life.
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