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Originally Posted by RussP View Post
After a sleepless night tending to your child, you worked a long day. You and a buddy go out to get something to eat and a couple of drinks, on with your meal, one just before leaving. You are tired and relaxed after the meal and drinks.

A couple miles from the restaurant, not paying attention to your speed, you are stopped for speeding. The Milwaukee PD officer notices alcohol on your breath. He asks if you have any firearms. You say yes. He asks if it is loaded. You respond in some manner that it is.

The officer now has someone he believes is impaired by alcohol in possession of a firearm.

He, and perhaps a second officer by now, remove you from the car, handcuff you, remove your firearm and place you in the backseat of a police car.

They then commence a search incident to your arrest.

After some period of time they take you in and blood is drawn. That reveals you have a BAC of .012. How long after being stop did they draw blood?

Is that pretty close to what happened so far?

You say, "...only .012, well under .08." A couple of drinks may not affect you under normal circumstances. However, you had little sleep the night before and had a long workday. Your body's alcohol tolerance was probably lower than it would be were you rested.

Did the arresting officer describe your appearance when he stopped you in his report? Your face may have reflected that lack of sleep/couple of drinks combination. Did they process you, take your picture? That would be interesting to see.

Now, it is also interesting that you threw in the, "...find a roach your kid's friend dropped the night before when your kid had the car." Is that a fact in your story, or did you just throw that in to spice things up?

You said, " stuff was "stolen" from my possession..." Was it returned to you when you were released?

Were you even charged with anything other than speeding?

There are other conclusions that may be drawn from your posts, but that can wait.

Looking forward to your response.
Guess you didn't see that the events as depicted weren't applicable completely in my case. Not sure if it was a slip in comprehension as other posters have admitted.
It was in a response to some guy in Beer City to imagine a possible scenario he might be familiar with. Sometimes the Pollacks there need different coloring books.
As to finding a roach, it ties into illegal search and seizure in a scenario.
If you were a cop and this happened to your bud, what would you advise?
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