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Originally Posted by bucksnort1959 View Post
Interpret this

However, it is a class A misdemeanor (punishable by 9 months jail and/or $10,000 fine) for anyone to go armed with a firearm while under the influence of an intoxicant. . “Under the Influence‖ has been defined as materially impairing the ability to handle a firearm which is further explained as consuming ―an amount of alcohol to cause the person to be less able to exercise clear judgment and steady hand necessary to handle a firearm.‖

At what point as an agent of the state, would you determine an individual to be in violation?

Not here. sorry of where you live that you have to deal with peeps like that.
I was in Cinncy once, Tucky on 75 in Sept. of this year. Have no real need to revisit the area.
You're all over the place.

Lets see what you have an well work from there. I don't like to use one sided conversations. Lets see what those officers have to say.

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