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Originally Posted by Glock36shooter View Post
Yeah really. Isn't kneeling before a giant paper mache statue of Christ on the cross spray painted gold worshiping an idol. I mean in and of itself it's just junk. Isn't that why Abraham destroyed his fathers idols? Because they were just wood and metal?

Isn't that Gold cross around some folk's necks and idol? And wouldn't Jesus frown on the lavish nature of using such expensive things to represent him?

What power does a rosery have?
The one that always gets me is when people pray to Jesus, instead of God. Like "In Jesus' name we pray, amen." He's supposed to be the carpenter's son, a mortal man birthed by a mortal woman. So why are they raising him up to the same level as their God? Doesn't that go against the first commandment? Where they're only supposed to have one God?

And if God is such a vengeful and angry God, why hasn't the Sistine Chapel been destroyed for breaking the second commandment? It blatantly shows a picture of what Michelangelo thought God would look like, which blatantly breaks the second commandment.

I will admit I've been halfway tempted to go to church to watch someone burst into flames the moment they fall to their knees before the cross (idol) and begin praying to Jesus (wrong God). But unfortunately that apparently doesn't happen all too often.

Originally Posted by Sarge1400 View Post
Any chance you're going to answer this question, JB?
JB is infamous for throwing out a totally ridiculous statement, and then just ignoring anybody who shows him just how wrong he is.
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