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Originally Posted by Gills63 View Post
Nothing personal TK but christian teaching does cover a lot of those arguments....not well,but they do. And a lot of those points pretain to Catholics, which are barely tolerated by other christians.

On the other hand, I do believe a guy once said don't praise the son for the works of the father. ( If somebody could find this scripture I would love to hold it up at football games)

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It does not surprise me in the least that christian teaching covers it, but I doubt that they do it well enough to pass muster. There are just too many contradictions in the bible for it to make much sense.

But you seem to be in the know, can you explain what's up with the old testament? I've heard that now it's outdated and people are told it doesn't mean as much as the new testament? Don't remember exactly what I heard, but it was something like that. Basically them saying "Oh, well all that stuff doesn't matter now, just ignore, pay attention to this new stuff we have."

If you can't tell, I don't know too much about religion, other than what I research so I can pick people's stories apart.

And what's the story on Noah's ark? The way I heard it, God told Noah to bring two of every animal onto his boat, along with his family, and then flooded the entire world, killing everything, and starting over fresh. Did he kill the grass, and the trees, and everything everything, or just the animals? I take it the fish were okay since they get their oxygen from the water. Or did he kill those too with acidic water or something? Did Noah bring other people? Or only his family? So that we're actually more closely related to Noah than we are to Adam and Eve?

And does the church frown on incest? If so, why? I mean, it's part of their history, if the bible is correct. Shouldn't it be praised for making us who we are today?

And yes, those are honest questions, for once I'm trying to not make fun of it, at least with you.
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