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Originally Posted by Gills63 View Post
That's a mouthful man. Most of those specifics aren't explained. Don't forget God was after the people not the animals. Don't try to figure out the logistics, that's where all mighty faith takes over. It does seem that the old testament is not taken as literally as the New. And what contradictions? LOL

You got me on the incest part....I never asked anybody that one. I believe Noah took is sons and their wives.

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You see, the logistics are what makes religion and the bible fall apart. They just can't explain specific details, and want people to go on blind faith. I'm way too anally retentive about the specific details to go on blind faith.

From a biological standpoint, not allowing incest makes sense, because the species needs as much diversity as possible to prosper. But the bible seems to have a fair amount of incestous sex. My guess is they say "Oh, well it was okay back then because there were so few people back then, they didn't have a choice. But now we have more people, so it's not necessary, so now it's bad."

And the other part that makes me laugh is how christianity seems to be based upon the white male. Ever see a picture of Jesus? That's probably the first miracle, he's an arabian jew, but he looks like what Hitler defined as the perfect Aryan. Blonde hair, blue eyes, broad shoulders, tall. No "jewish" features to speak of. See Michelangelo's picture of God? White male. All of his disciples? White males.

Where did his disciples come from? Did they all come from the same area? Was that area really populated only by white people? Because from what I keep hearing, he came from Bethlehem, but Bethlehem is in the middle east. Don't you think he'd then appear to be Middle Eastern, instead of white?

Like I mentioned, I'm not all knowing about the bible, so I can't tell you specific bible verses unless I research them, and at 3am, I'm not really in the mood to research exact verses. But I seem to remember a fair bit of "God loves everybody" and then "God loves all of his believers and hates everybody else" and then "God loves everybody, including the people who don't like them, so long as they accept him and become believers" and other various small things. I'd most likely be accused of nit picking and being too literal, but that's what I do.
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