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Alright back with more info. The gun went through a break in of sorts with the Rowland kit but after about 100 shots it started driving tacks and functions as good as they said it would. I have been doing load work ups and will ahve a complete report after deer season but I can tell you for the moment that the 225gr and 265gr WFN beartooths sized .451" are shooting as good or better than any auto pistol I have ever shot. I have started working with the 240gr Sierra JHC as well. It looks very promising.

The comp works as advertised. You can rapid fire a 3" group at 15 to 20 yards with it just watching the front sight. Recoil is less than my super was.

While my super functioned fine with one extra power mag spring the Rowland requires two as some of you gents have already done. reflex264
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