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Wow, that's quite a hatchet job, Ken! I'm surprised at the way you went behind my back with it, too. I almost missed it; but, I guess, The Good Lord wanted me to have a chance to respond. So, why don't we start HERE! and let everybody read the entire thread instead of only the part you want people to consider. (How's that!)

Years ago when we first started talking I realized that there is a lot of active anti-Christian hatred burning inside of you. Frankly, I don't know how you're able to live peacefully with yourself while feeding such a growing dark monster, like this, inside your head?

How is it that you so completely fail to recognize that it's not about politics? It's not about nation, either. Don't you realize the INTELLECTUAL IMPOSSIBILITY of attempting to honestly serve God, and mammon all at the same time?

It can't be done, Ken!

It's about that God upon whose worship this nation was originally founded! Are you mad at me for trying to warn you that if you stay on your present downhill course your eternal soul really is going to be lost?

I suppose I should say something like, 'I'll pray for you;' but, quite frankly, I'm too much of a warrior for that. According to The Holy Bible the next time you meet The Lord Jesus Christ He'll have a sword in His hand; and He'll be too much of a warrior to pray for you, too.

You ought to try to save yourself, Buddy, before it's too late.

(This really is a remarkably underhanded sneaky thing for you to do; I think you should be ashamed of yourself for stooping to such a cheap angry ploy. The hatred inside you really is OBVIOUS!)

By the way, one thing I've got to THANK YOU for is the opportunity you've given me to witness for The Lord! (It is written that, 'God turns evil to good;' and, as far as I'm concerned, you just proved it!

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