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Originally Posted by Kentak View Post
Arc, do you think I didn't believe you'd find this thread. You made your post on a public forum--it's fair game to use to make a point.

It's the *views* about the relationship between church and state expressed in your post that was the thrust of my post. Many others hold similar views, you just expressed it so clearly and timely. If you take it as a personal attack--that's something I have no control over.

I think you are a terribly sincere, but very, very misguided individual. You really would be happier living in a Christian theocratic nation. But, America isn't that--and never was, and never was intended to be.

I would be interested in hearing your reaction to the points I made above in #3. Up to you of course.

The pleasure you take in anticipating my comeuppance when I meet your god is very apparent. I know that's important to you.
No, Ken, what you did is, both, underhanded and vicious.

You certainly know me well enough to send me a PM in order to discuss whatever objections you have to anything I've said. We know each other well enough for you to have extended me that courtesy. (I would have done the same for you!)

Yes, I'm convinced that you tried to slip this one past me. You're a misguided, but not a stupid man; and you had some sort of covert personal agenda for not quoting me directly, and by name, rather than using an oblique web address, instead.

I'm not going to answer you any further than this. 'Wheat can't grow where it's choked out by tares.' Neither am I going to make the mistake of, 'giving that which is holy unto the dogs'. (Figuratively speaking, of course!)

Get this straight: I made no association between, 'church, and state' as you say. My thinking goes way beyond worldly institutions. I have directly alluded to THE HIGHER MORALITY OF GOD, instead.

If, as originally written, you object to anything I've said, it's not something about, 'church, and state'. It's about divine ethics, men's souls, and personal moral behaviors. (You clearly missed that; didn't you!)

I'm, now, done with you, Ken. We're, both, older men. You go to God in your way; and I'll go to God in mine. I'm certain we'll get all this straightened out, then. You really should have kept your mouth shut, Buddy. As you're, soon enough, going to discover for yourself, it's never a good thing when a man testifies against himself.

If not civil courtesy, if not common sense, you should have demonstrated more, 'godly fear'. If angels really do exist, right now, not one of them has missed this most recent mistake you've made.
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