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Originally Posted by JBnTX View Post
I suspect a large number of self-proclaimed atheists on this forum are actually victims of Christianophobia, or a fear of Christianity.

Why are you so afraid of something that you don't even believe in? Don't deny it, for many of you reek with a fear, not only of Christians, but of God himself.

You may have read the Bible, but you don't understand the Bible.
You present the fewer mistakes of Christianity as the norm, and ignore the larger good that Christianity has done. You ask for proof and evidence, knowing that you'll never accept it. You have no concept of Faith.

One might think you're possessed, but Christians know that not even the devil himself would venture near you. Even the devil is smart enough to believe in God.

So why do you fear Christianity?


Christianophobia deals with the extreme fear of Christians or the Christian faith.

There are several ways to spot someone who may be Christianophobic:

Conflicting religious views that lead to an intolerance of other religions outside of their own.

An irrational fear that Christians are conforming together to take over the majority of the world.

A fear that if Christians are not “stopped” they will do the same to their own religion.

Avoidance of Christians.

Radically violent or complete intolerance of the Christian religion.

I agree, what goes on here in many instances goes far beyond rejecting Christianity. Some of the atheist posters here actually remind me of radical Islamists.

And certain people here just seem to be hateful people, but I seem to run into that type more and more of late, even out in the "real" world. I'm not a psychologist but it seems many are missing a significant part of a healthy personality.

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