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Originally Posted by Gunnut 45/454 View Post
I know the OP is deadnut set on a 308 but for the ranges he is going to be shooting mostly the .300 Blk fits perfectly! But hey if he want to go spend that kind of cash and lug a 10lb rifle around go ahead! Ammo is about the same price range for both if you don't reload.
.308 is a lot easier to find right now. 300AAC hasn't been out long enough to hit the Walmarts or small town feed stores. Any able bodied person should have no problems carrying a 10lb rifle. On top of that you save less than a pound by switching from the predatAR .308 to a 16" DD .300blackout (7lb 12oz. vs 7lb 1oz.) Both will be around 10lbs loaded and scoped.

I kill hogs regularly with a 5.56 shooting 55gr ballistic tips, 64gr soft points, and 77gr OTM bullets. 5,56 would be plenty for hogs at semi close range. but the OP asked for a .308.

There is the RRA LAR-47 that is an AR that takes ak mags and shoots 7.62x39.
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