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Originally Posted by Glock36shooter View Post
My argument is true. No other religion requires less of its adherents than Christianity. And no other religion goes as easy on its adherents for failing to follow doctrine. This is why it's so popular. Because it's easy. Good old Jim and Martha have been married for 20 years... but OOPS! Jim has been banging his secretary for the last two years. IT'S OK GUYS! Just repent and everything is just dandy! Go talk to a muslim about dedication to their religion.
Yep, I guess that is one way to view it. A bit myopic but hey no surprises really.
Yep being a Christian is a walk in the park. I guess that is why people in other countries continue to get slaughtered because of it. God no doubt forgives but doesn't remove the consequences for the sin. Your right, Muslims are dedicated. I guess they missed the memo in the ME about how easy Christianity is and you call is stupid.... ....
You are good at diversions though.
There are no saints in the animal kingdom, only breakfast and dinner.
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