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Originally Posted by Colubrid View Post
I recently met a christian woman who is right on doctrinally about God. but then this subject came up and i need our brethens help to respond (in a short sentance). Here is what she wrote:

"Lol. I don't lock the doors of my car which is basically brand new and it's never been stolen. I've been around rape and never been raped. I've been 10 steps from a shooting and was never shot. I was at the scene of a stabbing and never been stabbed. Who do you think prevented those things!? Not my gun. :-P
I'm an atheist and I have similar luck. Does this mean when something does happpen to her, she'll blame god? Nope, she'll blame herself for committing some sin that required God to do something bad to her - religion has all the angles covered.

However, I don't really see a gun connection. If she believes God is directly acting in her life (I'm thinking that may be contrary to christian beliefs, free will doctrine, etc.) than carry a gun or don't - if you choose to carry a gun and shoot somebody, that was just God's will too.
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