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Originally Posted by oldman11 View Post
Because way back then they didn't have a day to celebrate Christs birth day. They chose 12/25 because it was close to, or was, a pagan holiday; and the old Roman Christian leaders were trying to convert pagans. They felt it would be easier if Christs birth day coincided with their pagan holiday. Very old records indicate that Christ was actually born in the early spring. And so what difference does it really make?
Nope, not really.

Very old records show that the belief was that Christ was incarnated in the spring, which could very well mean that his conception was at that time. March 25th (the feast of the Annunciation) was the best guess, given the ancient Jewish belief in the integral age of prophets and given that they thiought that He died on March 25th. IF Mary's pregnancy lasted exactly 9 months (the best guess, although by no means a certainty), that brings us to: December 25th!!
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