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Originally Posted by Schabesbert View Post
Try to THINK about what you quoted.
Herod the Great's demise as occurring between March 29th and April 4th in 4 B.C.
So, christ had to be born, Mary had to recover. They had to present Him at the Temple for circumcision (8 days later).
Did the Magi visit before or after this?
The Magi had to come and visit. Herod had to wait for them to return, only to find out that they hadn't.
How long should Herod have had to wait to make this realization, if Joseph, Mary and Jesus were in Jerusalem only 8 days later?
An indeterminate time later, Herod had to decide to kill all the newborns under 2 years of age,
An event no one else, other than Matthew records. Why would Herod, knowing as he presumably would of the census and the related movements to ancestral homes (as needed to explain why the Holy Family were in Bethlehem in the first place) limit his slaughter to Bethlehem? Wouldn't the King receive word of Simeon's blessing?
after which Joseph had to pack up & move to Egypt.
Even assuming a December birth, Herod was dead within months, why would the Holy Family have had to flee to Egypt, instead of just going home from Bethlehem, if that's where the slaughter was ordered?
Then, an indeterminate time later, Herod dies, and Joseph is given the all-clear to return to Judah.
How long did they spend in Egypt?
Aren't you at least a little embarassed about posting such easily refuted "evidence?"
Are you at least a little embarrassed to be posting such questionable "refutations"?
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