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Originally Posted by Colubrid View Post
I recently met a christian woman who is right on doctrinally about God. but then this subject came up and i need our brethens help to respond (in a short sentance). Here is what she wrote:

"Lol. I don't lock the doors of my car which is basically brand new and it's never been stolen. I've been around rape and never been raped. I've been 10 steps from a shooting and was never shot. I was at the scene of a stabbing and never been stabbed. Who do you think prevented those things!? Not my gun. :-P
There are many people who do not obsess about personal security. That is entirely reasonable. They do not live in a metropolitan war zone contested by multiple hostile gangs. In fact, I have church members who see no need for obsessive multiple security steps to protect themselves and their property as little to no criminal activity occurs in our area. I also have a couple of church members who usually have a revolver in their pocket. They see things differently. Fine.

Jesus did not leave a lot of leeway for us in following his commands. The idea that Christians would all go around armed to the teeth and ready to fight violence with violence is simply not supportable in Scripture.

In first sending disciples out to prepare the way for his preaching ministry, Jesus instructed them to depend entirely upon local hospitality. In the second instance, things had changed. There was increasing hostility to the ministry of Christ that would ultimately lead to his crucifixion. In that instances Jesus told his disciples to carry necessary items. A couple of the common type swords were in their possession. He said these were sufficient. In what sense? To protect them? Obviously not. To fulfill Scripture as in Isaiah, etc., yes.

There is no rational or legitimate way to get around what Jesus said about how believers are to respond to wrong, violence, etc. He modeled that lifestyle. He called all who follow him to do exactly the same. It is hard. The very fact that even toward the end and even in the Garden of Gethsemane disciples were armed shows that they themselves struggled with his command. It is not different for believers today.
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