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Originally Posted by fgutie35 View Post
After reading the the whole chapter, I realized that Jesus was giving them instructions about how they were going to spread the gospel after his crucifixion, at the same time he was prophetizing what was about to happen, and also at the same time was warning the apostles about the spiritual battle that was about to take place. This of course confused the apostles who misunderstood Jesus and were under the assumpion that they were suppose to rescue Him from being arrested, even though Jesus himself told them these things were suppose to happen and the apostles were not suppose to try to stop it, that is why when Peter cuts the ear of one of the servants of the high priests, Jesus orders Peter to put his sword down and heals the servant. When Simon Peter tells Jesus " behold there are two swords Lord" Jesus realized they did not understand Him and just gives up by saying " OK, that will be sufficient"
Of course I don't think he actually rolled his eyes, but I would have!
Good post.
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