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Originally Posted by neon View Post
You have no factual evidence.
That's false, I have literally all the evidence. Archaeological, historical, anthropological, genetic, and radiometric.
Since time can flow at different rates from different points of view, events that would take a long time as measured by one person will take very little time as measured by another person.
You're claiming there have been different frames of reference on Earth? Do you have any evidence of this?
This also applies to distant starlight in deep space. that could reach the earth in only thousands of years as measured by clocks on earth. this would happen naturally if the earth is in a gravitational well.
But the Earth isn't in a gravitational well.
OK, I pick Noah.
Ok, but it's still a myth.
What statement?
If you can't follow the conversation, you should really excuse yourself.
I ask for factual evidence. Not guesses that you provide.
And those facts are provided, you simply discard them in favor of your interpretation of the Bible.
Well, that's your problem they are conclusions and not facts.
They're both, conclusions in science are based on facts and observations.
It compromises the reality of God's word. It is inconsistent with God creating everything in six days, as Scripture states.

It puts death, disease, and suffering before the Fall, contrary to Scripture.
In other words, you discard the facts of science in favor of your interpretation of scripture. Something you do with absolutely no evidence.
Ooooooh, I see I should take the word of guesses instead of the Word of God.
Guesses are not involved. That you find it necessary to make such a false characterization makes it clear that you realize, on some level, that your version of Biblical events is indefensible in light of the contrary evidence.
Guess what, all the jumps I have made in a life time have worked out just fine.
The only way this reasoning makes sense is if you accept the uniformity of physical laws, but you're more than willing to discard that principle with regard to Biblical events. Which is it, are you a hypocrite or do you simply not understand how reasoning works?
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