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Originally Posted by neon View Post
Since time can flow at different rates from different points of view, events that would take a long time as measured by one person will take very little time as measured by another person. This also applies to distant starlight in deep space. that could reach the earth in only thousands of years as measured by clocks on earth. this would happen naturally if the earth is in a gravitational well.
General Relativity is not free license for you to insert any explanation that accommodates your belief system. It is a precise mathematical theory with precise formulas that predict precise outcomes. We can calculate the predicted time dilation effects due to the gravity of the earth, sun and moon. The results do not support your assertion. We know this for a fact as out current GPS satellite system relies upon these computations in order to achieve the precise accuracy we've come to expect from our navigational devices. If our understanding on this was wrong in anyway, GPS simply would not work.
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